LWU 58 series SF6 circuit breakers for a voltage of 220 kV

The high-voltage outdoor column-type SF6 circuit breaker of LWU58 series is intended for on-load closing and opening as well as protection of 220 kV power system sections at outdoor switchgears.

The circuit breaker represents a single-phase column-type apparatus with the separate spring-actuated drive.

Its basic advantages are as follows:

  • The circuit-breaker is controlled by means of spring-actuated drives (each circuit-breaker pole is controlled by its own drive) with a spring-charging electric motor and of different modifications in terms of motor supply voltage.
  • The circuit-breaker is completed within a single control box for interconnection of three drives placed in any phase of the circuit-breaker.
  • High factory reliability, easily and quickly mountable and commissionable.
  • Natural rate of SF6 gas leakage is no more than 0.5% per year.
  • The column insulation is made for air pollution concentration of 3.1 cm/kV in accordance with GOST 9920.
  • Capability to interrupt the current load at loss of excessive gas pressure in the circuit breaker.
  • Interruption of capacitive current with no restrike, low over-voltage.
  • Low noise level at operation, which meets high environmental requirements.

Technical specifications of the SF6 circuit breaker:

Parameter name


Rated voltage, kV 230
Maximum operating voltage, kV 252
Rated withstand voltage (for 1 min), kV:

–    to earth

–    at break/interruption




Rated lightening impulse withstand voltage, kV:

–    to earth

–    at break/interruption




Rated frequency 50
Rated current 4000
Short-circuit breaking current, kA 50
Short-circuit lasting time, s 3
Peak withstand current, kA 125
Time to trip, ms 30±5
Break time, ms ≤60
Make time, ms ≤100
Main circuit resistance, μΩ ≤40
Rated SF6 gas pressure (at 20° С), mPa 0.6
Commutation life, number of switch cycles, no less than 6000
Warranty period, months 36
Circuit breaker service life subject to operating conditions, years 30
Operating conditions:

–         ambient temperature, °С

–         altitude above sea level, m

–         seismic stability, magnitude on the MSK-64 scale


from -40° С to +50° С



Overall dimensions with the inter-pole distance of 4000 mm, no more than, mm:

–    length

–    width

–    height






Weight of  circuit breaker , kg, no more than 3450

Made based on the drawings and technology of the SIEYUAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD as well as according to the IEC 62271-100:2001 and GOST R 52565-2006 standards.

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